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US-Pakistan Relations And Afghanistan Under Biden

Context As Biden administration formulates its Pakistan policy, and reviews the Afghan peace deal reached in February last year - a debate is raging in...

Biden’s Middle East Policy, China-Iran Ties, and CPEC

Guest Analyst Muhammad Siraj ul Huda Khan assisted in researching and developing this article. Context PoliTact periodically invites leading regional and global experts to understand the...

Strategic Forecasts

What Does The Potential China, Iran Economic and Security Deal Mean?

In the COVID-19 geopolitical context, this zoom webinar, held on on July 28, explores the ramifications of the likely China, Iran economic and security...

The Post COVID-19 World – The Enemy Within And Without

Context According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Coronavirus linked pandemic was first reported from the Wuhan city of China, around the end of...

Analysis of Perception and Perspective

NATO, Sino-Russian Strategic Alliance, And Future Of Ukraine

Context Why did Putin Invade Ukraine? Many interpretations have come to the fore on why Putin invaded Ukraine on February 22. One of the recurring one...