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Evolving QUAD And Australian Participation In The Malabar Exercise 2020

Dr Claude Rakisits Context India has formally invited Australia to join the large-scale naval exercises to be conducted in the Bay of Bengal (3-6 November) and...

Global Security Advisor

Biden’s Middle East Policy, China-Iran Ties, and CPEC

Guest Analyst Muhammad Siraj ul Huda Khan assisted in researching and developing this article. Context PoliTact periodically invites leading regional and global experts to understand the...

Promise And Premonition; Historical Context Of The US-Pakistan Relations And Emerging China Factor

A Ten-Year Assessment of the Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009 By Waleed Hashmi Background Many observers describe U.S-Pakistan affairs as torturous, mercurial, and enigmatic. Some...

Strategic Forecasts

What Does The Potential China, Iran Economic and Security Deal Mean?

In the COVID-19 geopolitical context, this zoom webinar, held on on July 28, explores the ramifications of the likely China, Iran economic and security...

The Post COVID-19 World – The Enemy Within And Without

Context According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Coronavirus linked pandemic was first reported from the Wuhan city of China, around the end of...

Analysis of Perception and Perspective

The Future of Afghan Quagmire

Is the Internal or external Dynamics more Important? Context After numerous promising starts and hard stops, Afghan peace process is once again making progress. The initiation...