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Global Powers and the Islamic World

US and the Islamic World

Post Withdrawal Campaign Against Extremism In Afghanistan And US-Pakistan Relations

Context As great power competition has gradually picked pace, it was assumed that the Campaign Against Extremism has subsided. In fact, US has admitted that...

Russia and the Islamic World

Ukraine Conflict And Global Balance Of Power Tussles In Europe

Context From time to time there is a need to ascertain the status of global Balance of Power, is it in equilibrium or moving in...

China and the Islamic World

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin

Emerging Great-Power Rivalry; How Will The New Cold War Unfold As Ukraine Simmers?

The Return of ‘Spheres of Influence’ Politics Context While there are different angles to interpret the fast-moving flux in the global political, economic and security situation,...

Core Versus Peripheral Islamic World

Turkey-Pakistan Relations

Pakistan Arab Ties

What Does President Biden’s Visit To Israel And Saudi Arabia Imply?

Great Power Rivalry in the Middle East - What it means for South Asia? Context The New Cold War paradigm and great power rivalry framework is...

Iran-Pakistan Ties

US Afghan Withdrawal And The Interplay Of Turkish, Iranian, and Arab Influences

Context Now that US is withdrawing from Afghanistan and that ambiguity is out of the equation, the attention is naturally shifting how will the balance...

Campaign Against Extremism