What Does The Potential China, Iran Economic and Security Deal Mean?


In the COVID-19 geopolitical context, this zoom webinar, held on on July 28, explores the ramifications of the likely China, Iran economic and security pact for the Gulf region and its ties with Pakistan and India. Another important query examined is how will the pact correlate with the Saudi-Iran tensions and US-Saudi ties. Moreover, the panelists examined the impact of the deal for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The panel included:
1. Khaled Almaeena – Former Editor-in-Chief of Arab News and Saudi Gazette.
2. Ambassador (R) Mustafa Kamal Kazi – Senior Vice Chairman and Senior Diplomat Emarituis, Karachi Council on Foreign Relations.
3. Dr. Claude Rakisits – Honorary Associate Professor, Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy, Australian National University.

This zoom webinar is part of a series PoliTact has organized to examine the economic and security interconnections between South Asia and the Middle East. In November 2018, PoliTact collaborated with the Middle East Institute to study this relation in detail (link: https://youtu.be/Wq7cWEsaqcs).

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