Understanding US-Pakistan Relations

rex-tillerson-pm-pakistanFactors Influencing The Future Of US-Pakistan Relations

PoliTact presents a comprehensive and multidimensional view of the US-Pakistan relations.
The future direction of US-Pakistan ties is primarily dependent on three main variables: the situation of Afghanistan, US-India defense and economic cooperation, and if US-China ties will move more towards cooperation or competition.
PoliTact monitors these and other variables to determine the future trajectory of US-Pakistan ties.

US and Islamic World

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US-India Cooperation

Map of Afghanistan

Emerging US Policy Towards Afghanistan After Withdrawal

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PM Imran Khan giving a speech at US Institute of Peace

Recalibrating The US-Pakistan Partnership In Afghanistan

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US-China Ties

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Thin Tank Outlook

Renegotiating With The Taliban: The Imperative Of Focusing On A Common Denominator

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