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Issue Brief

COVID-19 And Campaign Against Extremism

Context As the reach of the coronavirus deepens - so does the need to understand the extent of its geopolitical implications. While the most recent...

Vantage Point Analysis

What Does President Biden’s Visit To Israel And Saudi Arabia Imply?

Great Power Rivalry in the Middle East - What it means for South Asia? Context The New Cold War paradigm and great power rivalry framework is...

Analysis of Perception and Perspective

Pakistan Post Election Crisis, Great Power Rivalry, and Societal Imbalance

By Arif Ansar Context Since the removal of Imran Khan’s government in April 2022 through a no confidence vote, Pakistan’s interim government finally held the election...

Risk Assessment

President Trump’s Jerusalem Decision And Winning The Fight Against Extremism

A media discussion on a VOA Urdu Program Jahan Rang hosted by Behjat Gilani on December 10, 2017. The Panel included: Arif Ansar, Chief Analyst,...

Global Security Advisor

Great Power Rivalry And China’s Deepening involvement In South Asia, Gulf States

  Context In an endeavor to understand the emerging geopolitical realities, PoliTact partners with leading thought centers to understand the longitudinal multi-faceted tangents of a particular...