About Us

We call our unique strategic advisory firm PoliTact, it is premised on the synergy between politics and tact. We believe that this combination allows our subscribers to better use information and influence to realize their goals.

PoliTact develops geopolitical risk assessments, situational awareness, and strategic forecasts by discerning, synthesizing and interpreting data regarding political, economic, and security developments affecting the current global balance of power.

It is important to distinguish between public opinion and perception. Public opinion can remain relatively inert over a long period, while a perception can fluctuate quickly in response to events and to how they are covered by the Media.

A distinction must also be made between perceptions and perspectives. Perceptions can change instantly but perspectives take time to mature. At PoliTact we monitor both perceptions and perspectives, as perceptions provide hints regarding developing perspectives and thus help to predict and forecast the future.

In the Information Age, the Media (traditional, social, and internet), which has always been an indispensable tactical and strategic weapon, has become even more important to international actors. It is used to create and disseminate perceptions and perspectives regarding major issues among domestic and international public audiences. These public perceptions and perspectives will play a large role in the outcome of international power struggles.

PoliTact presents a multi-dimensional perspective to the increasingly asymmetric ground realties. We gauge the future through media analysis, public perceptions and the interests of global actors.

We at PoliTact believe that the increasing sameness of mass media content worldwide, makes it all too easy to overlook key international trends and patterns. We want to pinpoint trends and customize knowledge for our customers and audiences – to indicate what is relevant for planning and decision-making purposes. We wish to counter misperceptions that can lead to adverse perspectives and thus assist in producing successful outcomes.