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Belt and Road Initiative

Chabahar Port, Iran, And Regional Ambitions Of India

Context On May 13, India signed a 10-year agreement to develop and operate Iran’s strategic Chabahar Port, committing $120 million, along with an additional $250...

Indian Elections, Future of Pakistan-India Ties And Centrality of Iran

Context Voting began on April 19th in India and the results will be announced in the first week of June. With over 986 million eligible...

Risk Assessment

Is The Traditional US Policy In Pakistan Sustainable?

After the February 8th controversial parliamentary elections in Pakistan, the new government has been officially sworn in. The information that has emerged since then points to gross irregularities before and after the polling, raising serious doubts about the credibility and fairness of the electoral...

Global Security Advisor

Great Power Rivalry And China’s Deepening involvement In South Asia, Gulf States

  Context In an endeavor to understand the emerging geopolitical realities, PoliTact partners with leading thought centers to understand the longitudinal multi-faceted tangents of a particular...
Turkish 2016 Offensive in Northern Syria

Saudi-Iran Détente, Syria, And Changing MENA

Context Syria has emerged as one of the most critical fault line for the global balance of power struggles. It is perhaps the only place...

Strategic Forecast

What Does The Potential China, Iran Economic and Security Deal Mean?

In the COVID-19 geopolitical context, this zoom webinar, held on on July 28, explores the ramifications of the likely China, Iran economic and security pact for the Gulf region and its ties with Pakistan...