European Identity Crisis

Europe In Crisis

Europe now appears to be caught between the pull and tug of the emerging and established powers. China and Russia are both imposing on Europe; the former more so through economic means and the lateral through security concerns.

As these forces impose on Europe, they are interfering with the central role Western Europe has played in the American power projection since World War II.

To balance this dynamic the emerging strategy appears to be the reinforcement of NATO and involving Eastern Europe, including economic agreements such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Meanwhile, the proximity of Europe to the Middle East has meant that it is impacted more directly by the worsening state of affairs there, especially related to the campaign against extremism. The refugee crisis is hitting Europe hard straining race relations and complicating economic interdependence under EU.

How Europe will respond to these unprecedented economic and security pressures, plus balance between the emerging and established powers, would define its future identity and direction.

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