Understanding Pakistan’s War on Terror; What Can Be Done?



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This particular brief covers Pakistan’s efforts to fight extremists and the regional and global dynamics. Pakistan’s decision to conduct surgical operations against Taliban has come at a critical time and will have an impact on the Afghan reconciliation as well as the upcoming US-Pakistan strategic dialogue.

See below a list of in-depth action oriented analyses that go a long way towards understanding the multidimensional situation and developing a holistic perspective.

Entropy Alert

Pakistan’s Counter Terrorism Strategy And Emerging Threats
Transformation of Al Qaeda And Implications

Global Security Studies

Why Pakistan Needs To Manage Its National Strategic Narrative
Pakistan’s National Security Policy: What Can Be Done?
The Stumbling Blocks Towards Afghan Reconciliation
The Correlation Between Pakistan’s Threat Perception And Regional Economics
Pakistan’s Other Foreign Policy Challenge; Managing Ties Between Iran, Gulf States

Vantage Point Analysis

Post 2014 Afghanistan, Reconciliation And Central Asia
Russian Strategy For The Islamic World And Pakistan
China, US And The Balancing Act In South Asia
The AfPak Vision And North Waziristan Operation
Afghan Reconciliation And The Perilous Outlook For TTP

Analysis of Perception and Perspective

Karzai’s Strategic Intent And Bilateral Security Agreement
The Mysterious Killings Of Hakimullah Mehsud And Nasiruddin Haqqani
Nawaz Sharif’s US Mission And Death Of Hakimullah Mehsud
The Dilemma Of Afghan Representation And Reconciliation
The Security, Economic Calculus Of Pakistan’s New Government
Sino, Indian Role In Afghanistan; Implications For Pakistan
Afghan Reconciliation, War On Terror And Future Politics of Pakistan

PoliTact’s Forecasts

The Context To Understand The Emerging World – 2014 Forecast, Part I
Discerning Change Produced By The War Against Extremists – 2014 Forecast, Part II
The Western Vantage Point And War On Terror 2.0 – 2014 Forecast, Part II


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