Regional Implications: Fall Of The Kandaharian Beast (RQ-170 Sentinel) In Iran



Iran claims to have brought down a state-of-the-art US surveillance drone near its border with Afghanistan. RQ-170 Sentinel, also known as the Beast of Kandahar, is one of the most sophisticated high altitude stealth jet drone in US possession and it also flies over Pakistan.

A number of questions have arisen as a result, did the Beast of Kandahar came from Afghanistan or Pakistan? Additionally, how do the people of Afghanistan feel about their country becoming the covert-central in the region?


PoliTact discerns the implications of this event for the region in a discussion with:

  • Brigadier (R) Mahmood Shah – Defense and Security Analyst
  • Dr. Asad Khan – Secretary Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) USA
  • Gul Bacha Majidi – Member of Parliament in Afghanistan
  • Dr. Alam Payind – Director Middle East Studies Center at Ohio State University

Part 1

Part – 2

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