Pakistan Army Denies Taliban Claims Of ISI Assistance



Taliban has claimed that Pakistan’s ISI had provided them assistance. Taliban commanders interviewed in the BBC documentary “Secret Pakistan” revealed that they had received Pakistani support for their objectives.

Mullah Azizullah, a Taliban official said the trainers of the camps “are all the ISI’s men. They are the ones who run the training. First they train us about bombs; then they give us practical guidance.” Taliban has also claimed that it received such training on Pakistani soil. Reports suggesting that Afghanistan had informed Pakistan of Osama bin Laden’s presence in Northern Pakistan have also emerged. Amrullah Saleh, a former head of Afghan intelligence told reporters that Afghan President Karzai presented the evidence to former President of Pakistan, Pervaiz Musharraf, who angrily rejected the claim.

The Spokesperson of Pakistan’s military, Major General Athar Abbas told the BBC the accusations were not true. “We consider that this report is highly biased, it is one-sided, it doesn’t have the version of the side which is badly hit or affected by this report,” he told Reuters.

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