Palestinians To Seek UNESCO Vote Despite U.S. Threat



The Palestinians will seek full membership of UNESECO despite US opposition to the move. Palestine Foreign Minister Riyal al-Malki stated on Wednesday that Palestine would address UNESCO’s General Conference on Sunday in order to secure a membership.

“We are trying with all effort, through our ambassador in UNESCO, to have a vote on our request for membership of UNESCO at the time that we give the speech,” he said. Palestine’s previous bid to acquire member status in the Security Council was vetoed by the US. However UNESECO is an agency which Palestine can join as full member regardless of its membership status.

The US has warned the Palestine authorities it will stop funding if the Palestinians went ahead with the bid. United States is one of Ramallah’s biggest donors and a withdrawal of aid by Washington could have serious repercussions for the country. Ramallah has insisted it will proceed with the bid despite opposition from Washington.

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