Karzai: End Night Raids Before US-Afghan Strategic Deal



Afghanistan has asked the United States and NATO on Wednesday to end night raids on Afghan homes. President Hamid Karzai while addressing 2,000 Afghan political and community leaders at the Loya Jirga said, “We want a strategic partnership but with specific conditions: our national integrity, no night raids, and no house searches.” Social research groups have warned that the night raids targeting insurgents risked endangering civilians, and were causing resentment amongst the Afghan population.

A strategic partnership agreement underway between Washington and Kabul is considering terms of American involvement in Afghanistan after the deadline for exit in 2014. Karzai at a jirga meeting said the American troops are likely to be given bases as it would aide in the training of Afghan troops and would draw in money. However end to night raids has been laid down as a precondition.

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