Europe Seeks UN Action Against Syria While Muslim Brotherhood Open To Turkish Intervention



Europe has sought UN action against Syria. Diplomats from Britain Germany and France are expected to present the resolution to the UN General Assembly’s human rights committee on Thursday. The European countries are pushing for UN action against President Bashar al Assad. 3,500 deaths have been reported since the uprising started in Syria. “The Arab world has sent a very clear message: the massive human rights violations and the suffering of the Syrian people have to stop,” Germany’s U.N. ambassador Peter Wittig said.

Leaders of Syria’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood also announced that they would be open to military intervention by Turkey. The group said they would prefer Turkey’s help over Western countries to help them thwart President Assad’s forces. “If other interventions are required, such as air protection, because of the regime’s intransigence, then the people will accept Turkish intervention. They do not want Western intervention,” opposition leader Mohammed Riad Shaqfa said.

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