Hafiz Gul Bahadur Warns Pakistan Government



Hafiz Gul Bahadur threatened to tear up his peace accord with the Pakistani government. Bahadur, one of the most powerful militant leaders warned he would turn his followers against Islamabad to punish the Pakistani leaders for allowing US drone attacks in the country. “We are disbanding the jirga (council) set up for talks with the government. If the government resorts to any repressive act in the future then it will also be very difficult for us to show patience,” said Bahadur.

The militant who heads the Pakistani Taliban faction said his group would not work with the government because the state was oppressing the common man. Maulana Gul Ramazan and Hafiz Noorullah Shah who lead the committee which oversees the pact suggested the Pakistan government had violated the terms of the agreement.
Hafiz Bahadur is believed to control thousands of terrorists in the region. His estrangement serves a substantial blow to the Pakistani government, which is already struggling to deal with militant networks in the region.

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