General Allen Wants A Binding US-Afghan Strategic Partnership



General John Allen, commander of NATO led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) proposed a binding US-Afghan Strategic Partnership. The partnership would result in advisors, trainers, intelligence personnel and special operators remaining in Afghanistan beyond 2014 to manage operations. “There will be a government-government relationship…There will probably be a security relationship that will emerge from the strategic partnership” said Allen.

The commander further stated the pact would be a “logical extension” of the US involvement in the region and that any US presence would develop the Afghan military and would help local troops’ combat terrorism. The US would not set up its own bases but would share bases with Afghan forces. Allen said the partnership agreement would be binding.

The Afghan government has asked a 2000 member jirga to discuss the proposed partnership. The Jirga would also discuss possible reconciliation with the Taliban.

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