China May Establish A Base In The Gulf Of Eden


14-12-2011_Seychilles 2China is mulling over the offer from the Seychelles government to establish a port in the Gulf of Eden. The offer of naval facilities was met with a surprise in India as it considered the Seychelles government having closer ties with India. This has aroused concern in India which is increasing its military spending and strengthening its border with China. Indian former intelligence Chief Vikram Sood said that India will dramatically increase its military spending as a retaliatory move.

He also said the move to Seychelles will have deep implications, not just for India but for the whole world. It will also allow China to launch military interventions in Africa to secure its investments.

On the other hand, Seychelles government has appreciated China’s efforts for ensuring safety in the sea and its anti-piracy patrols. China is planning to invest in other ports of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Burma in a policy described as string of pearls.

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