As Husain Haqqani Resigns, Sherry Rehman Appointed Ambassador To US



23-11-2011_sherryrehman-dc2Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington resigned yesterday over allegations that suggest he wrote a memo to Washington asking for its “direct intervention” in Pakistan. The memo accuses Gen Kayani of plotting a military coup against President Zardari’s government in the aftermath of the US raid in the country, which killed Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Haqqani is alleged to have promised the enforcement of various policies that have long been demanded by the US, including greater American oversight of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. The memo also agreed to allow the US to propose names of officials to investigate bin Laden’s presence in the country, as well as assist the US in targeting militants such Ayman al Zawahri and Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

The scandal is likely to increase the rift between the army and the civilian government. Haqqani has denied drafting the memo, and has said he would be “happy to face an inquiry into the matter.”

Meanwhile, Pakistan appointed Sherry Rehman as the new Ambassador to US. She is the former Information Minister of the Zardari government and presently heads the Jinnah Institute.

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