Foreign Troop Presence Should Not Alarm Neighbors Of Afghanistan



NATO attempted to pacify Afghanistan’s neighbors on Tuesday. In a news conference with ISAF spokesperson Brigadier General Carsten Jacobson, Nato Spokesperson Dominic Medley said “NATO has always said that Afghanistan’s neighbors have nothing to fear from the presence of ISAF troops invited by the government of Afghanistan and the United Nation’s Security Council.”

Medley also told reporters that he believed the Afghan forces to be proficient enough to take over responsibility for maintaining peace in the region after 2014. He further reiterated only troops involved in training would remain in the country after the withdrawal date. General Jacobson also added that the responsibility of night raids would soon be handed over to the Afghan forces.

NATO’s commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen also praised the local forces for providing adequate security to the Loyal Jirga; The four day assembly was held without any incident.

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