Fazlullah Vows New Offensive In Pakistan



Taliban on vowed to wage a new war against Pakistan Friday. Taliban leader Maulvi Fazlullah promised to return to Pakistan, and to bring Sharia with him. “We sacrificed our lives, left our homes and villages for the sake of Sharia (Islamic Law) and will do whatever we can to get Sharia implemented in the Malakand region and rest of Pakistan,” Sirajuddin Ahmad, an advisor to the group told reporters in a written question answer session. The warning comes as Pakistan faces increasing pressure from the US to eliminate Taliban safe havens in the country.

Maulana Fazlullah popularly called “Radio Mullah”, is known for his fiery rhetoric against the West. He was based in Swat before an army operation in 2009 forced him to flee. Recently, the militant leader has reemerged with attacks on security troops; Insurgents loyal to Fazlullah have killed 100 members of the Pakistani military in an ambush.

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