What’s Behind The Restoration Of US Pakistan Security Ties?


29-11-2012_Khar Clinton2In a dramatic development, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has claimed the military and intelligence ties between the two countries have been fully restored. These were severely damage in 2011 in the aftermath of the Raymond Davis incident, Operation Geronimo, and Salala tragedy.

PoliTact has gathered that this restoration is based on certain conditions and red lines both US and Pakistan have agreed upon. All of this deliberately occurred away from the media spot light. From the Pakistan side, this may have involved agreeing to conduct joint operations. While on the US part it may mean more say for Pakistan in conducting of the drone strikes.

When it comes to good and bad Taliban, Pakistan has already shown its acquiesce towards a terrorist label for the Haqqani network and thus to pressure them towards negotiations. This change has created space for Pakistan to get involved in the Afghan reconciliation. US may have also offered capability assistance to Pakistan to go after the bad Taliban, the TTP affiliated groups.

When it comes to LeT, Pakistan and India continue to have substantial talks in this regards. The US may have limited its scope in this matter, as long as Pakistan goes after AQ aggressively and cooperates with India over the Mumbai incident.

This security cooperation from Pakistan will also have a positive impact on US not imposing any strict conditions on it’s economic and security assistance.

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