US Revisiting Its End Game Strategy For Afghan War



US has announced it will revise its strategy for ending the war in Afghanistan. Washington has said that a revised plan of action would incorporate greater negotiations with insurgents to maintain peace in the region. The new strategy also recognizes that talks must take place between the militants, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US. Previously Washington insisted that dialogue must take place between Kabul and the insurgents, with US facilitation and Pakistan’s support.

According to the revised strategy, the US will urge Afghanistan’s neighbors to take a more active role in aiding the country, achieve political and economic prosperity. The plan also suggests a New Silk Road to be constructed to help increase trade in the region. Key regional countries such as India, China, and the Central Asian states are expected to help in convincing Iran to maintain a policy of non interference in the South Asian country. A conference in Germany on Dec 5 followed by a NATO summit in May will further add political elements to the plan.

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