US Report: Trust Deficit Led To Mohmand Strike



US has finally lifted the veil on the probe of the NATO strikes. The investigation cited inadequate trust and miscommunication behind the killing of 24 soldiers. Incorrect sharing of Pakistani border post locations, both before the operation and during the resulting engagement, led to the disastrous attacks. Investigating Officer Stephen Clark said both parties failed to share precise information in the fear that past operations of ISAF had been compromised when specifics were disclosed to Pakistan.

According to the investigation, US and Afghan forces were staging a night raid in the village and were not aware of the Pakistani check posts. When the attack ensued, there was lot of confusion. The superiors of the ground commander checked if there were Pakistani posts nearby and then they retaliated with airstrikes. The attacks were ceased when the US forces were notified of the border check-posts.

NATO has expressed condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones but refused to offer apology, as demanded by Pakistan. NATO insists that its actions were legitimate self-defense. Pakistan officials have stated that they would comment after reviewing the full report but have initially rejected the findings on the basis that it lacks facts.

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