US-Pakistan Relations In Reset As China Assures Pakistan Of Its Support



American officials are increasingly acknowledging that a major course-correction in US Pakistan relations is expected. After the November 26th Mohmand strike, the US-Pak counter terrorism alliance has deteriorated seriously. US officials believe that the ties will endure in some form, however, the exact contours will only be known after Pakistan completes its policy review towards US.

On the other hand, China has vowed to support Pakistan in upholding its sovereignty, integrity and independence. The assurance came during the visit of State Councilor Dai Bingguo to Pakistan, marking the 60th anniversary of Sino-Pak relations.

Dai Bingguo said, “Our two sides have signed 6 agreements including the Supplementary Agreement on Extension of Five Year Development Programme on Trade and Economic Cooperation, and a 10-billion-yuan (1.58 billion US dollars) currency swap agreement between People’s Bank of China and the State Bank of Pakistan.”
Dai Bingguo also held In-depth discussions with Pakistan’s civilian and military leadership to promote strategic cooperation.

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