Iraqiya Bloc Warns Of Looming Dictatorship



Leading figures of the Iraqiya bloc have accused Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki of forging a new dictatorship that will plunge the country into another wave of civil war, now that the US troops have withdrawn. They accuse the Prime Minster of manipulating the judiciary as well as the armed apparatus of the state to hound his mainly Sunni opponents.

Iraq is mired by the political crisis, with the government ordering the arrest of Tariq-al Hashemi, who has fled to the autonomous Kurdish region. The Iraqiya leaders allege that Nuri al-Maliki has laid siege to their political party with the help of the judiciary and law enforcement system.

The Iraqiya leaders have called on the US to condition its support for the prime minister on his compliance with the power sharing agreement and on the termination of ‘the unconstitutional entities through which he now rules’.

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