US And Pakistani Interests Converge: Marc Grossman


Marc Grossman, US especial envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, reiterated that US respects the sovereignty of Pakistan and that the interests of Islamabad and Washington in the region converge. Grossman told a TV interviewer that America recognizes the sacrifices given by the Pakistani people and military in the war against terrorism. He further said that the US administration is adopting a step-by-step approach with the Pakistani government over issues, adding the war against terrorism will continue until Al-Qaeda is no longer capable of attacking people worldwide. The US special envoy arrived in Islamabad Wednesday to try and calm tensions between the two sides over the US raid that killed Bin Laden. He held talks with Pakistani President Zardari and other politicians, including the military leadership. Grossman is expected to lay down plans and targets for the cooperation US expects from Pakistan in the post Osama environment.

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