Turkey Warns Of ‘Regional Cold War’



Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu warned on Tuesday, of a looming ‘regional Cold War’ between Sunnis and Shias, saying it will be suicidal for the entire region.

Davutoğlu said this ahead of two-day visit to Tehran. He added that he will raise the issue of sectarian violence being fanned by some groups. He said Turkey is witnessing increasing polarization not only in Iraq and Syria, but in other regions too. He stated that he plans to hold talks with all related groups to prevent the situation from further aggravating.

Iran has slammed Turkey for supporting western stance and opposing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Davutoğlu said that everybody is a friend and brother in this region, and had Syrian president not launched a war against its own people, the problem would not have aggravated to this extent. Iran’s Foreign Minister said the fact that the visit can occur; means there are close historical and friendly relations between the two.

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