Top Turkish Military Brass Quits Amid Row with Government



Turkey’s top military brass resigned from their posts late Friday amid an intensifying row with the government over the increasing number of detained generals. The joint resignations, which have happened for the first time in the country’s history, caused an immediate state crisis. Chief of the General Staff Isik Kosaner, Air Forces Chief Gen. Hassan Aksay, Naval Forces Commander Adm. Esref Ugur Yigit and Army Commander Erdal Ceylanoglu stepped down days before the YAS, or Supreme Military Council, was due to hold a meeting to discuss top military positions. According to sources, disputes between the two sides rose to an intolerable level after the legal action against Aegean Army Commander Hüseyin Nusret Tasdeler. Analysts have interpreted the development to indicate the strengthening of political forces in Turkey.

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