Syria Welcomes Russian Warships



Syrian Defense Minister Dawoud Ranjha visited Russian that aircraft carrier which docked at the Russia’s naval supply facility in Syria’s port city of Tartous. The defense minister stressed the historic relations between the two countries and hailed Russia‚Äôs stance of supporting the

Syrian people. Russian ambassador to Syria Azamat Kulmukhametov said the visit of the Russian vessels highlighted the deep-rooted relations between the two friendly countries.
Commodore Yakushin Vladimir Anatolievich, head of the Russian military warships, said Saturday that the visit by the vessels is to shorten the distance between the two countries and to enhance the friendship between them. Russia has said that the vessels will remain in Syria for several days. He added that that the visit was a scheduled exercise to ensure the safety of sea navigation and other Russian maritime economic activities and had nothing to do with the tense situation in Syria.

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