Russian NATO Envoy: US Targeting Missile Defense System against Russia



Russia’s permanent representative to NATO Dmitry Rogozin has stated the American-backed European missile defense system is meant to target Moscow, as evidence he pointed out that some US politicians say that openly.

The diplomat made the remarks during an interview with Interfax news service following his recent visit to America. His visit was another attempt to reach an understanding over the missile defense plan, the biggest obstacle in the US-Russia ties. Meanwhile, Russia is threatening to scale back cooperation with the US in Afghanistan and the Middle East—a move that is expected to affect areas such as Palestinian-Israeli dispute, the Russian supply route for American troops in Afghanistan and Moscow’s role for brokering an end to the Libyan conflict.

In a separate development, US State Department spokesperson Mark Toner said on Thursday that Washington is in talks with several NATO countries on setting up of a radar system as part of the European missile defense system. He reiterated that the program wouldn’t be aimed at Russia and posed no threat to that country at all.

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