Reports: US Takes Pakistan On Board In Afghan Reconciliation Process As Dostum Protests



Breaking from the past policy of keeping Pakistan at bay in the reconciliation process, US has taken Pakistan in to confidence over the opening of Taliban office in Qatar.

A senior Pakistani official said that they were on board with US on the issue, and US has given the green light to the inclusion of the Haqqani network. US is now avoiding any head on confrontation with Haqqani network, believing that it has a pivotal role in any future political dispensation. Pakistan military has been pressing the US to announce a ceasefire to make conditions favorable for the peace process; however it later went on with the peace talks on its own. A Pakistani security official acknowledged that after the Nov 24, US prevented the further escalation of conflict that helped in resumption of communication between them. However, Pakistan has asked US not to send any senior official for the time being. On the other hand, US acknowledged that Pakistan also did not take any drastic steps, except for the blockage of the NATO supplies, in the wake of Sahala attack. It could have for example, disallowed the use of its air space.

Meanwhile, on a visit to Germany, Gen Dostum has warned that the peace talks with Taliban will not have positive results, as they are not honest. He said Taliban groups are making efforts towards reorganizing after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan. He emphasized on the inclusion of Afghan government in the peace talks, as otherwise it would not have the desired outcome. Meanwhile, the Afghan High Peace Council has denied being official notified on the opening of Aghan office in Qatar.

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