Reports: Pakistan Has Stopped Sharing Intel With US



Pakistan announced on Thursday that it would no longer share intelligence with the US. Islamabad has refused cooperation with Washington till it takes concrete steps in the aftermath of NATO/ ISAF strikes which killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Pakistan has asked the US to issue a formal apology for the attack and to compensate the victims’ families. In addition it has also demanded for punishment to be meted out to NATO officials involved in the incident.

The event has led to rapid deterioration of relations between NATO and Pakistan. Pakistan has stopped the supply to NATO, and has already boycotted the Bonn Conference next week. It has also issued a notice to the US to vacate Shamsi airbase within 15 days.

An official source said that the US was apprehensive regarding Pakistan’s decision to stop sharing intelligence. It was also concerned about the incident’s impact on Islamabad’s level of support regarding the reconciliation process with the Taliban.

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