Protestors Storm British Embassy In Iran



Protestors stormed the British Embassy in Tehran to protest against sanctions imposed on Iran by Britain on Tuesday. Dozens of Iranians, many of them students, chanting slogans of “Death to England” entered the embassy, removing its mission’s flag and replacing it with Iran’s.

They also ransacked the offices and threw stones and Molotov cocktails causing a fire in one of the buildings. Unconfirmed reports suggest six people had been taken hostage in the embassy. Dozens of protestors are also believed to still be inside the compound. Britain has expressed its anger and outrage at the incident. The Foreign Office issued a statement urging the Iranian authorities to “act urgently to bring the situation under control.”

The attack follows Britain’s decision to impose sanctions on Iran owing to its controversial nuclear program; Britain earlier this month, suspended its dealings with Iranian financial institutions. The Iranian government retaliated by passing a legislation to expel the British ambassador from the country within 15 days.

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