Pakistan’s Parliament Condemns US Raid



In a special session, the parliament of Pakistan has strongly criticized the unilateral US operation, which resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden. Senior members of the armed forces including the ISI Chief briefed the parliament on the circumstances surrounding the raid. The ISI Chief offered to resign if the parliament deemed necessary. The parliament also passed a unanimous resolution to review the terms of engagement with US. Additionally, the parliament has warned if drone attacks continue in Pakistan, the NATO would no longer be allowed to use supply line for Afghanistan. The resolution has also called for the appointment of an independent commission to review the circumstance that led to the raid and prevent it from recurring.

Meanwhile, Senator Kerry is expected to arrive shortly in Pakistan with a message that the country has to become a true ally in the war against terror. US has sought to focus the debate on the complicity or ineptness of ISI, which resulted in the failure to detect the presence of Osama in Abbottabad. On the other hand, Pakistan has identified colossal intelligence failure as the reason, while concentrating most of the national debate on the violation of its sovereignty.

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