Pakistan Finalizes Rules for Collaboration with US



According to media reports, Pakistan has finalized a list of demands to be sent to the US. This list has one clear message that its approval will be a major condition for the continuance of cooperation between the two countries. The list consists of tough demands such as the withdrawal of American security contractors and spies, an end to US drone attacks in tribal areas and complete sharing of intelligence by the US over the likely presence of the Taliban or Al-Qaeda leaders in the country. The list will not only be forwarded to the US via diplomatic channels but will also be shared with US Senator John Kerry who is currently visiting Islamabad.

Both countries continue to pressure each other in the post Operation Geronimo scenario. While US has insisted it can carry out another unilateral operation, continue drone attacks, and cut off financial assistance. Pakistan is threatening and posturing to stop intelligence sharing with CIA and with draw approval for the use of NATO supply lines for Afghanistan. These steps can make it very difficult for US to implement its vision for the future of Afghanistan.

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