Pakistan To Invite Russian President For A Visit



Pakistan is moving toward a paradigm shift in its decade old foreign policy by extending formal invitation to the Russian President to visit Pakistan. This is occurring at a time when its relationship with US has become uncertain. Khar will visit Russia to formally invite Russian President for a visit. The move is part of Pakistan’s effort to make fresh alliances with countries like Russia. If Dmitry Medvedev accepts the invitation, he will be the first Russian head of state to visit Islamabad.

After the NATO Mohmand attack, Pakistan initiated a review of its policy towards US. The parliamentary panel has put forth recommendations for resetting terms of engagement with US. Additionally, it also proposed to upgrade relationship with Moscow. China is also pressing Pakistan and Moscow for reconciliation.
In an unprecedented statement following the NATO attacks on Pakistani check posts, Russia publicly denounced the incident and said that the nation’s sovereignty should always be honored even when hunting terrorists.

A number of high level exchanges have taken place between the two countries. Last year, President Zardari made a trip to Russia. Colonel General Alexander Postnikov, Commander -in-Chief Russian Ground Forces visited Pakistan recently and was given a guard of honor upon arrival.

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