Pakistan Rebuffs US-NATO Report On Mohmand Attack



Pakistan has rejected the findings of the joint US-NATO investigation report on the November 26 Salala check post attack. Pakistan believes that the report cannot be unbiased if it was headed by General Stephen Clark. Pentagon spokesman Captain John Kirby has stated that US have delivered the findings of the report in person to General Ashfaq Kiyani. He also said that the full report has not been made public so the military leadership can first read it, calling the approach “an appropriate professional courtesy” to Kayani.

However, a Pakistan’s security official has denied of any such reports being handed over to Gen. Kiyani; rather it was delivered to the concerned department. The airstrikes have brought the US-Pak relationship teetering on the brink.

The reports claims botched communication and errors on both sides led to the attacks. Pakistan also denies that the troops on the border attacked first, as alleged by the report.

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