Pakistan China Strategic Cooperation Not Targeting Any Country



Pakistan’s chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Thursday assured that recent Pak-China strategic cooperation efforts were not directed against any country. Kayani said,” Any country should not feel any threat from strategic cooperation between Pakistan and China. This cooperation is very crucial for the region. It will lead to peace and stability in the region.”

The general was addressing the concluding ceremony of Pak-China war games alongside Chinese Deputy Chief of General Staff, Hou Shusen. He stressed the joint exercise between the two countries would increase security in the region, and would help curb terrorist activities. Kayani told reporters that Islamabad considered Beijing an all weather friend, and their bond of friendship existed not only between the two governments, but also between the people of the countries. Chinese Deputy Chief of General Staff also said the joint war games would be beneficial for both China and Pakistan.

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