Pakistan Army Rejects US Report On NATO Mohmand Attack



Pakistan has rejected findings of the US report on Nov 24 NATO cross border attack in Mohmand. After a detailed review of the US findings, Pakistan’s military statement on Monday said that several portions and conclusions of the report are factually incorrect. The report released on Dec 22 had charged both US and Pakistani forces for the incident, which strained the relations further.

“Affixing partial responsibility of the incident on Pakistan is therefore unjustified and unacceptable,” said the military.

US officials commented on the Pakistani rejection by stating that the attacks were not unprovoked and that both countries should now focus on the future.
Pakistan responded to the attacks by blocking the supply routes for US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan and asked US to vacate the Shamsi airbase. Additionally, it curtailed intelligence sharing and initiated a review of its foreign policy towards US. Last week, a senior Pakistan military officer stated that supply routes will be restored, but tariffs will be imposed.

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