Obama Opens To Freash US Ties With Myanmar



US President Barack Obama on Friday revealed the US would be willing to reassess its relations with Myanmar. Obama who is in Indonesia for a summit, said that he saw a “flicker of progress” in the country. The release of 230 political prisoners, relaxing of media restrictions and expected legislative changes has been viewed by the US as positive signs.

The main opposition party led by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has also been allowed to re-register for the bi-elections for vacant parliamentary seats. US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is expected to visit the region in a historic visit; her two day visit would be the first by a US State Secretary since the 1962 military coup that over threw the civilian government.

Washington has applauded the progress, but has warned that more is needed; “If Burma fails to move down the path of reform, it will continue to face sanctions and isolation. But if it seizes this moment, then reconciliation can prevail,” Obama said.

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