NATO Taking Over Command And Control Of The Libyan Mission


After several days of back of forth negotiations, coalition forces have agreed to transition the military command and control of the mission from US to NATO. Fighter jets from Qatar and UAE are also joining the coalition forces to protect civilians in Libya and enforce no-fly zone over Libya. Hillary Clinton announced that Arab leadership is critical to guide the mission.
On the other hand, Britain and France have called for a meeting next Tuesday to formulate a contact group. This group would be providing political guidance on Libyan crisis.

Coalition forces carried out air assaults on Libya for a sixth consecutive day on Thursday amid uncertainty over the future of the western involvement in the campaign to prevent attacks against civilians by Qaddafi’s forces. So far, the coalition has crippled Libya’s air force and successfully established a no-fly zone over the country’s coastline. Meanwhile, fighting is going on in major cities of Libya. A US official has said that even though the rebels are in a stronger position, Qaddafi’s military still has the upper edge.


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