Iran Instructs Turkey To Review Its Policy Or Face Consequences



Iran has warned Turkey it must rethink its policies or face trouble from its people and neighbors. Tehran accused Ankara of behaving badly against Iran and Syria as well as being influenced by the US. Ayatollah Khamenei’s military advisor said Turkey’s stand on Syria, NATO missile shields, and the promotion of Muslim secularism were unimaginable. Erdogan’s secular model is also at pole ends with the Iranian ideology which has termed the Arab uprising an Islamic one.

Ankara’s concession to NATO in installing its missile shields in its territory seems however to be the thorniest issue. Tehran sees this move as a ploy by US to protect Israel from retaliation if Tel Aviv ever attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran has threatened that trade ties between the two countries might suffer if Turkey continues with its policies; Turkey currently imports billions of dollars worth of Iranian gas as well as manufactured goods.


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