Iran Calls the New US Regional Security Architecture Irrational



The United States announced on Sunday its plans to bolster its military presence in the Gulf. The New York Times reported that after the removal of troops from Iraq at the end of this year, the US planed to reposition combat forces into Kuwait to maintain regional security and to keep an eye on Iran. According to reports, Washington also intends to send in ground troops and naval ships into the region. The Obama administration is seeking to expand military ties with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman to maintain a military presence in the Middle East.

Iran has termed the approach as lacking rational. The Iranian Foreign Minister Akbar Salehi told reporters “The Americans always have a deficit, unfortunately, in rationality and prudence.” Salehi also warned Washington that “Iraq does not need anybody to meddle into its internal affairs,” and that it was capable of looking after its own matters.

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