India To Conduct Its Largest Exercise Near Pakistan Border In Rajasthan


28-02-2012_rajasthan_map_570x350_ashxIndian military is gearing up to conduct one of its largest war games, less than 200 kilometers from Pakistani border in the Bikaner and Shri Ganganagar districts in Rajasthan. A few months earlier, the country conducted an exercise ‘Sudarshan Shakti’ in Pokharan.

The exercise named Shoorveer or Brave Warrior will take place from March to May and will see the deployment of 20,000 troops and 200 Russian-made tanks. Indian Army’s elite 1 Strike Corps and 10 Corps under the Jaipur-based South Western Command will take part in the exercise.

Indian Army spokesman colonel Jagdeep Dahiya has stated that the drill would be one of the largest maneuvers ever conducted, involving Su-30MKI, Mirage 2000, Jaguars and the AWACs. According to the military statement, the drills will also include tanks, frontline combat vehicles, artillery, helicopters, fighter jets, drones, air-defense weapons and military radars.

“The joint synergy will be enhanced by the active participation of the IAF with the air assets of the Army and the Air Force being employed in an integrated manner,” Dahiya said.

“Battlefield transparency and operational plans based on real-time situational awareness will be enhanced using intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) inputs from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, radars and satellites,” he added.

Dahiya dismissed fears that the drills will heighten tensions with Pakistan, saying India informs Pakistan ahead of such large-scale exercises. National security meetings have taken place in Pakistan today, involving General Kiyani, Prime Minister Gilani, and President Zardari.

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