Hizb Warns Pakistan Against Withdrawing Support for Kashmiri Jihadists


In an interview to Arab News, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin warned that the war it is fighting for Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir will be turned against it if Pakistan withdraws support. He also criticized the peace process adopted by Pakistan with India, claiming it has stunned the Kashmiri leaders.

“Kashmir has been the key issue but now it has become peripheral as all claims of supporting our struggle politically, diplomatically and morally are nothing but lip service.” He said militancy is the sole solution of Kashmir issue, since India is only gaining time through peace talks to implement its designs.

Salahuddin asked the people of Pakistan to mount pressure on the government to withdraw its new approach of the peace process, which is hurting the Kashmiri struggle. He also said the struggle would culminate in the withdrawal of Indian forces from Kashmir, just like US did from Iraq and Afghanistan.

He added that the normalization of trade and business with India would only benefit New Delhi while it will be counterproductive for Pakistan.

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