GOP Candidates Reveal Sharp Differences On National Security Issues



The US presidential race has revealed differences in the Republican camp on crucial issues pertaining to national security and terrorism. The debate held at the DAR Constitutional Hall in DC, discussed various hot topics including the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, and aid to Pakistan.

Candidate Romney favored a substantial presence in Afghanistan for a longer period of time, and criticized Obama for moving too rapidly to withdraw US troops from the region. Republican presidential hopeful, Huntsmen disagreed, saying the money spent on the war could be used for rebuilding the US economy. Republican Candidates Bachmann and Perry also disagreed over US’s role in providing aid to Pakistan. Perry announced he would not send “one penny, period” till Islamabad took more concrete actions to safeguard American interests. Bachmann called Perry’s approach naïve. While acknowledging Pakistan had to do more, she said the country was “too nuclear to fail”, and that Washington must continue to foster its relationship with Pakistan.

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