Fazal Saeed Claims Responsibility For Bombing In Parachinar, Kurram Agency



A bombing on Friday in the main bazaar of Parachinar city in Kurram Agency killed 44 while injuring 36. The nature of the blast is still being investigated, though earlier reports indicated it was a suicide attack.

The attack took place as Pakistan was hosting a trilateral meeting with Iran and Afghanistan, and with the leaders of both countries, Hamid Karzai and Ahmadinejad, were in Islamabad.

A breakaway faction of Pakistan Tehreeke Taliban Pakistan (TTP), headed by Fazal Saeed, claimed responsibility for the bombing and targeting the Shia community. The group blamed the community for carrying out activities against the group and accused the political administration of Parachinar for siding with the Shia community in disputed matters.
Fazal Saeed had previously renounced TTP for targeting civilians through suicide bombings.

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