Drone Attacks Add to Pakistan’s Difficulties: Top Pak Military Officials



Top Pakistani military officials on Wednesday made it clear that America shouldn’t continue with drone attacks that add to difficulties facing Pakistan in its fight against terrorism. According to well-informed sources, Army Chief Gen. Ashfaque Pervez Kiyani told visiting US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen that American drones killing civilians while targeting extremists were sparking sentiments to benefit of the militants. Meanwhile, a statement issued by the US Embassy said that Adm. Mullen emphasized long-term partnership besides underscoring US support for Pakistan in campaign against radicalism. Besides his talks with Gen. Kiyani, the top US military commander also held a meeting with his Pakistani counterpart General Khalid Shamim Wynne.

In speaking to Pakistan’s media, Mullen pointed to long-term ISI ties to Haqqani network, a group responsible for killing American troops in Afghanistan. He stated: “ISI has a long standing relationship with the Haqqani network, that does not mean everybody in ISI but it is there.” He further added that groups such as LeT pose a global threat.

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