Defeat of Tamil Tigers and the Escalating Tussles of Alliances


The defeat of Tamil Tigers (LTTE) in Sri Lanka this month has escalated the tussles for the balance of Power in South Asia. Sri Lankan sea port of Hambantota is important to NATO and for Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), as part of the Chinese String or Pearls strategy for the control of Indian Ocean. In the post LTTE environment, both NATO and SCO, including India, want to influence Sri Lanka. Pakistan itself maintains a strategic alliance with Sri Lanka and has now engaged in what appears to be a decisive confrontation with Taliban.

The tension of alliances and coalitions are heating up in the Pacific and Middle East as well. For the first time since World War II France has established a military base in Abu Dhabi, as an assurance to UAE that it will be protected against Iran. France has also announced its intent of cooperation with Pakistan on matters of civil nuclear energy. France is exerting itself on the world scene, and seems to be developing a strategy independent of NATO. Meanwhile, Russia is coordinating a sea maneuver with Iran, following port visits to Syria earlier, to demonstrate it too can swim in waters dominated by NATO. On top of all this come the North Korean missile and nuclear tests, putting China and US on the spot.

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