Clashes Continue In Cairo Square After Bloody Weekend



Cairo saw fresh violence after protestors clashed with military personnel on Monday. Tahrir Square witnessed demonstrators defy government efforts to keep them away from the site symbolic of the rising against Husni Mubarak.

Civilians filled the streets after sunset, calling for power to be handed over by the military. Violence gripped the country over the weekend as fighting continued on Sunday. The fighting spread to other Egyptian cities including Alexandria, Suez and Aswan.

Culture Minister Emad Abu Ghazi minister resigned over the law and security situation in the country, while calls were made by opposition for the interior minister to be sacked. Amr Moussa, former secretary of the Arab League and a presidential candidate said, “The way the police deal with the protesters… we’re all against this kind of violence and this treatment of the people.” Nearly 1,750 people have been reported to have been injured in clashes across the country.

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